Fundraising for Churches, Ministries and Individuals


Selling Wise Dyes at church

We offer great discounts to churches, ministries and individuals to raise money quickly and easily. A lot of people and ministries are having a hard time “making ends meet” these days. You can easily raise a few hundred dollars or more in a single weekend. Guaranteed!

Selling Wise Dyes is also an awesome opportunity for ministry. Selling our shirts at craft fairs, community events and festivals is a fantastic way to create a Christian presence in the world. Booth fees at these local fairs are usually very reasonable. CALL YOUR LOCAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE! They will set you up!

There are a LOT of Christians who do not visit their local bookstore (if there even is one). You will be amazed at the response you’ll get. Everyone loves the colors, artistic beauty and quality of Wise Dyes. What a great witness!

The best way to begin is by choosing 6-12 designs that you would like to sell. You should buy at least 2 med, 4 lg, 4 XL and 2 XXL per design. That’s up to you. The more you sell the better the discount! When your event is over, we will buy back any unsold (and clean) T-shirts. You only pay for what you sell!

Creation Festival

Creation Festival

For example:

Coffee and Jesus 2M 4L 4XL 2XXL
Jesus is my Rock 2M 4L 4XL 2XXL
He Counts the Stars 2M 4L 4XL 2XXL
New Creation 2M 4L 4XL 2XXL
Be Still and Know 2M 4L 4XL 2XXL
Let Your Faith be Bigger 2M 4L 4XL 2XXL

The total order would be 72 t-shirts, qualifying you for our 40% discount.

60 T-shirts in M,L & XL @ 11.39 = $683.40
12 T-shirts in XXL @ 13.19 = $158.28

Total for T-shirts = $841.68

Shipping $15 – $20

If you sold the M-XL for $19 each and the XXL for $21 each, you would make over $550!